Inventis Clarinet Plus Middle Ear Analyzer

The Clarinet is a clinical middle ear analyzer, featuring all the tests needed for a deep and accurate investigation of middle ear disorders.

The Clarinet comes in two models: Basic and Plus. The Plus model offers automatic and manual tympanometry at 226, 678, 800, 1k Hz, multi-component (B, G, Y) tympanometer, IPSI/Contra automatic and manual acoustic reflex test threshold, reflex decay, reflex latency, ETF with intact and perforated TM, Quick A and Quick B auto test sequences.

Inventis Flute Plus Diagnostic Middle Ear Analyzer

Flute is a diagnostic middle ear analyzer, capable of performing incredibly fast and reliable automatic sequences of tympanometry and reflex threshold tests, as well as manual reflex and reflex decay tests, ETF test, and high frequency tympanometry.
Great versatility, a user-friendly interface, advanced features and small size make Flute the ideal choice for a wide range of users, from hearing aid dispensers to clinics and hospitals.

Inventis Viola Plus Middle Ear Analyzer / Audiometer

Viola is a combo unit that integrates a screening middle ear analyzer offering ultra- fast and reliable tympanometry and reflex tests with a diagnostic audiometer capable of performing threshold and speech examinations in AC and BC. Small footprint, complete features set, great reliability and ease of use make Viola the perfect choice for professionals on the move and for installations where space is at a premium.

Interacoustics AT235 Clinical Impedance

The AT235 features a complete battery of impedance tests including manual and automatic acoustic reflex testing, ipsi and contra reflex decay, ETF for intact TM and a pure tone audiometer.  Includes:  TDH39 Contra earphone, Cir22 Contra earphone, Should strap, Calibration cavity, 3 rolls of thermal paper, dust cov er, NOAH impedance module, NOAH audiometry module, Eartips Kit, BET50 assorted, USB cable, Power supply, Operation Manual, Calibration certificate and warranty card.

NOTE: Only customers in California, Western Nevada and Hawaii may purchase this unit. 

Interacoustics AA222 Diagnostic Audiometer & Impedence Unit (Clinical w/ High H2)

The AA222 Audiometer features a wide variety of test stimuli, diagnostic level impedance and audiometry measurements. Also features PC integration for printing, storage, sharing and hearing aid fitting.

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