ndd EasyOne Air Bluetooth Spirometer

EasyOne Air is the new, all-in-one revolution in lung function testing. Built for healthcare providers large and small, EasyOne Air puts the power of the most advanced spirometry testing tools in the palm of your hand.

Revolutionary TrueFlow ultrasound technology means unprecedented accuracy and reliability. Equipped with ready-to-use EMR connectivity and a user-friendly interface, the EasyOne Air makes the best in lung care available anywhere.

ndd Easy On-PC Spirometer

The Easy on-PC uses the power of your PC, laptop, or tablet, leveraging True Flow ultra sound technology for a complete spirometry solution. This PC-based spirometer uses pediatric incentives, displays inspiratory and expiratory real time curves and offers challenge testing.

Benson CCS-200 Plus Spirometer

The CCS-200 spirometer produces accurate and repeatable spirograms for use in NIOSH-compliant programs. The single-use disposable mouthpiece mounts easily and securely in the handle, and is removed after testing with the press of a button.

Included operating software for Windows® leads the operator through the testing process by determining repeatability, grading the maneuvers, and detecting artifacts and errors. The CCS-200 uses state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors to ensure accuracy with every maneuver as well as over the lifetime of the instrument. The included database software provides instant recall of past spirograms for reporting and trend analysis.Choose the Plus Package for additional analysis and reporting, support for unlimited companies, and data management.

Schiller America Spirovit SP-1 Spirometer

The high resolution user-friendly screen of the SP-1 displays real-time flow/volume loops and detailed measurement matrices. The data can be either printed within seconds or transmitted to a PC. It features an integrated program for pre/post comparison, bronchospasmolysis and monitoring of challenge tests. Thermal Printer is Built -In!

The Spirovit SP-1 Standard Spirometer, includes Memory, SP-150 sensor, measurement of SVC, FVC, MV, MVV & standard accessories. Does not include Calibration Syringe.

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