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Inventis Timpani Handheld Tympanometer

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Inventis Timpani - Handheld Tympanometer

The handheld tympanometer Timpani is a lightweight, compact and powerful device, designed to conduct middle ear screening tests simply, swiftly and accurately. It is capable of performing automatic tympanometry exam as well as, optionally licensed, acoustic reflexes test and screening pure tone audiometry. The device features a wide color display with touchscreen interface.

Available Tests

Automatic Tympanometry @ 226 Hz ( 1k Hz optional)

• Acoustic Ipsi-Reflex Test (optional)

• Automatic Test Sequence (tympanometry + reflex test, optional)

• Screening Pure Tone Audiometry (optional)


Inventis Timpani Extension Package - 1 k Hz probe tone license (for tympanometry exam)

Inventis Timpani Extension Package - Reflex license - Basic (Stimuli @ 1 Hz)

Inventis Timpani Extension Package - Reflex license - Plus (Stimuli @ 0.5, 1, 2, 4 kHz)

Inventis Timpani Extension Package - Screening Pure Tone Audiometry (only AC) - w/o transducers

Inventis Timpani Docking Station

Inventis Timpani Bluetooth Thermal Printer

COMING SOON: Inventis Timpani Pre-calibrated Headset for PTA (DD-45)

COMING SOON: Inventis Timpani Pateint Response Button for PTA

Includes: Assorted tips, carrying case, USB connection cable, medical grade power supply, user manual, software suite

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