Breath Alcohol Technician Training



Directed by Emily Morgado Zeglin

MEDI offers a course of instruction in breath alcohol technician (BAT) training for those interested in becoming certified as a Breath Alcohol Technician or a BAT Train-the-Trainer. Training and certification are instrument specific. MEDI offers certification courses on a variety of breath alcohol testing instrument models. Please be sure to register for the correct course. The course offered follows guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Drug Policy and Compliance in their publication, BREATH ALCOHOL TECHNICIAN TRAINING: DOT MODEL COURSE. The purpose of this training is to ensure that persons conducting breath alcohol testing of regulated workers perform services in a consistent and uniform manner. It is apparent that consistency and uniformity are essential during legal proceedings and add confidence in the testing process to persons subject to testing. This course combines both procedural training and device proficiency training. A Certificate of Course Completion documents procedural training and tester proficiency on a specified breath alcohol test instrument.


Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Course

Training breath alcohol technicians includes two separate training elements: training for a specified instrument and training on knowledge of procedures and the regulation. A breath alcohol technician is certified on both substantive knowledge and to a specific instrument.

Trainees must be prepared to complete certification training during a single day and demonstrate competence by achieving a passing score (70% or better) on a required final examination. The training day is concluded when all trainees have satisfactorily completed procedural training, instrument training and the course written examination. Please note that the training day may go beyond 5:00 pm and trainees must be prepared for this possibility.


BAT Train-the-Trainer Course

The Train-the-Trainer course participants will complete the certification program described above, along with an additional half-day training on the following day. Successful completion of this program qualifies the participant to train BAT Technicians to support their company program. To qualify for this training, the participant's company must be prepared to comply with a training licensing agreement and a proprietary information agreement with your device's manufacturer. 


What you bring to the course:

  • One of the breath alcohol instrument models listed above.

  • At least one standard gas calibration cylinder and appropriate regulator for each two trainees, tygon tubing to gas cylinder interface (available from MEDI and at the course for $9.55 if you do not have this).

  • A sufficient number of mouthpieces to accommodate multiple tests for each trainee. (A trainee may reuse a mouthpiece for some of the training exercises).

  • A sufficient amount of paper for your device.


Courses are typically held in Benicia, CA. However, MEDI offers online courses and private on-site courses at a location of your choosing. Courses in Benicia, CA include a catered lunch.

To register for a currently scheduled CMI 400 course, please choose from the options below:

If you are unable to attend our currently scheduled BAT course, need training on a different BAT model, or would like information on our online or private courses, please download and complete the form below. Once we receive it, we will contact you with the requested information. 


BAT Course Request Form

 the DOT has issued Guidance on Compliance with DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations during covid-19. View DOT Guidance statement.

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BAT training can be conducted online! contact us for more details.