Inventis Cello Aero Computer/iPad Controlled Diagnostic Audiometer

Cello Aero is a PC or iPad® controlled diagnostic audiometer, capable of performing fast and accurate air, bone and speech audiometry exams, as well as several additional tests including QuickSIN™, HF audiometry, and video-VRA. With its revolutionary design, complete feature set and top reliability, Cello is a little masterpiece, ideal for anyone unwilling to compromise on appearance and user experience.  Connect Cello to the USB port of your Windows® computer and you are ready to go: no driver and no additional cable required. You can control Cello through the Maestro module’s amazingly user-friendly interface, available for Daisy and Noah.

Inventis Viola Plus Middle Ear Analyzer / Audiometer

Viola is a combo unit that integrates a screening middle ear analyzer offering ultra- fast and reliable tympanometry and reflex tests with a diagnostic audiometer capable of performing threshold and speech examinations in AC and BC. Small footprint, complete features set, great reliability and ease of use make Viola the perfect choice for professionals on the move and for installations where space is at a premium.

Inventis Piccolo Plus Aero Portable Audiometer - Computer/iPad Controlled

The Piccolo model Plus Aero is a diagnostic audiometer offering air and bone conduction audiometry functions (click here for speech Piccolo). Piccolo can be controlled either from a computer running Windows or, for the first time ever, from an iPad®. A lightweight, compact design, powerful, user-friendly software, and Noah connectivity combine to make Piccolo the ideal choice for professionals on the move.

Inventis Harp Plus Diagnostic Audiometer

Harp is an advanced diagnostic audiometer, capable of performing fast and accurate air, bone and speech audiometric exams, as well as several additional tests including a two-channel master hearing aid. Top-level features combined with ease of use and portability make the Harp the ideal choice for a wide range of users, from hearing aid dispensers to clinics and hospitals.

Inventis Piano Plus VRA Clinical Audiometer

Piano is an advanced clinical audiometer featuring a complete battery of tests, including High Frequency, easily managed via the wide touch screen color display.
Advanced features, supreme flexibility and extreme simplicity of use make Piano the ideal choice for clinics and hospitals, as well as for professional practitioners who demand the very best from their instruments. The Plus model offers all the features of the Basic, plus Multi Frequency, High Frequency, Bekesy and Masking Level Difference (MLD).

Piano Plus VRA also features pediatric audiometry capabilities. It can become the heart of a traditional or video-VRA system.

Benson "NEXT" Industrial Audiometer

The NEXT industrial audiometer delivers color touchscreen and operational ease with powerful analysis that easily meets the latest OSHA requirements. State-of-the-art technology combined with easy paper loading, USB flash drive storage and networking capabilities make this multi-lingual audiometer the leader in audiometry testing equipment.

Benson CCA-200mini Audiometer

Bring the power of the latest in intelligent automation to your audiometric testing. The Benson Medical Instruments CCA-200mini delivers extraordinary advantages over conventional audiometers.

The innovative IntelliTesting feature understands Hearing Conservation testing. It scans audiograms for test problems, and responds appropriately. Test instructions are delivered to the subject through the headset. Previous test information from the database is used to streamline testing. The result is higher-quality tests, with less operator intervention, in less time.

The CCA-200mini reduces test times 25 to 40%, installs with fewer cables, and is designed to mount in the test booth.  (Customer to supply computer.)

Tremetrics RA800 Easy-Touch Audiometer

The RA800 is Tremetrics’ new interactive touch-screen interface that makes your testing faster and more convenient than ever before. Touch-entry is easy and natural. The users simply touch their finger to the screen to select the desired operation or function display. The touch-screen capability offers the ability to customize the program and the subject questions and answers right on the screen. Once data has been entered, the data is stored on a drop down menu on the screen and can be activated with a touch. Touch to select an answer, touch to start a test, touch to print out an archival-quality audiogram. It really is that easy!

Tremetrics RA300

The Tremetrics RA300 is a major time saver. This digital audiometer provides valid automatic testing in less than three minutes. It requires minimal operator training and provides reliable audiometric testing for hospital/community health programs, family practice physicians, and occupational health clinics.

Ambco 650A Audiometer

The Ambco 650A Pure Tone Audiometer is a portable, light weight audiometer that is ideal for schools, family practice or professionals on the go.  The 650A operates as a plug-in with an included 110 or 220 volt adapter.  It has an easy to use tone switch, tone present and patient response indicator, with both steady and pulsed tones.

Ambco 1000+OTO-Screen Digital Audiometer

The 1000+OTO-Screen is a digital, fast, light weight, and quiet audiometer that has sequential screening and eliminates the fatigue factor. It has test frequencies of 250-8000 hZ and dB levels of 0-90 dB. The tone options include steady, pulsed, and warble. The total package, with custom carrying case, weighs less than 5 lbs!

Interacoustics AC40 Hybrid Clinical Audiometer

The AC40 Audiometer features two independent channels configurable for left or right-hand operation. Pre-programmed and automated testing features are simple to access and save valuable time. It comes standard with high frequency audiometry, multi-frequency, MLD, built-in free field amplifiers and more.

Interacoustics Equinox Clinical Audiometer

The Equinox2.0 Clinical Audiometer is a user friendly audiometer controlled from an external computer. It has all the features required for advanced clinical audiometry plus all the electronic functions needed to communicate directly with databases and electronic medical record (EMR) systems. The hardware has the flexibility to be used on a desktop or mounted on a wall or ina sound booth with a simple USB connection. The Equinox also has the capability for Real Ear and Visible Speech options.

Interacoustics AA222 Diagnostic Audiometer & Impedence Unit (Clinical w/ High H2)

The AA222 Audiometer features a wide variety of test stimuli, diagnostic level impedance and audiometry measurements. Also features PC integration for printing, storage, sharing and hearing aid fitting.

Interacoustics AS608e Portable Audiometer

The AS608e portable audiometer is ideal for schools, industry and primary medical practices or wherever quick hearing screening evaluations are performed. Easy to use, it requires minimal training and offers calibrated pure tone and warble tone stimuli over a wide range of frequencies. The AS608e extended version also offers PC integration through a USB cable, using the Diagnostic Suite software for transferring audioetric data. Unit also includes a carrying case.

Micro Audiometrics ES3M Manual Audiometer

The Earscan® ES3M is a hand-held, pure tone air conduction audiometer that sets the standard for portable audiometry testing. It includes features such as a large, easy to read LCD screen, and a built-in talkover feature that allows test instructions to be presented via the headset. It weighs only 10 oz and arrives with batteries, an AC Adapter and a carrying case.

Micro Audiometrics ES3S Screening Audiometer

The ES3S is also a fully programmable audiometer. With the Automatic Screening function, simply set the frequencies and levels you want to test, and the Earscan® 3 Screening audiometer will only test those specific frequencies and levels. Operator to patient communication (talkover) is built in, allowing test instructions to be presented via the headset. Upgradeability ensures that the Earscan® 3 will meet both current and future needs. Unit includes a carrying case.

Micro Audiometrics Earscan ES3 Threshold Audiometer

The standard Earscan® 3 is a fully programmable audiometer, allowing customization of the entire test procedure. The Earscan® 3 can accommodate both the standard headset as well as optional insert earphones. Calibration is password protected to ensure the integrity of the data and built in calibration reminders ensure the validity of test results. Unit includes a carrying case. (DOES NOT INCLUDE PRINTER)

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